Breitling Hvelplund

Breitling is today one of the strongest and most recognized Swiss prestige brands ever. From being a preferred choice among pilots and customers with an interest in more special watches, Breitling has changed to now appeal to anyone with a sense of accomplished quality and the necessary economy. At the heart of this success is a strong grounding in the core core virtues, precision and reliability of the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Breitling was founded by Leon Breitling in 1884 as a watchmaker's workshop specializing in the production of chronographs and precision instruments for scientific purposes, and this distinguished legacy is still the basis for Breitling's further watch production. Breitling is the only major watch brand in Switzerland to have all of their watches subjected to an external chronometer test by the independent institute C.O.S.C. before the watches are allowed to leave the workshops. As only 3% of all watches manufactured in Switzerland pass this test, this testifies not only to Breitling's inevitably high quality requirements, but also to a deep respect for the company's values, namely to be able to create precise and reliable instruments for professional use.

The company's eye for detail becomes obvious to everyone when the eye falls on the design and the hand-assembled links, which are among the very best on the market, and this adds an extra and much-appreciated dimension to the watches - they are also considered by both sexes to a greater extent. a piece of jewelry.

Among the many models, the classic Navitimer after more than 50 years of production appears as the elegant luxury watch, while for example the Chronomat model's more robust design has become the preferred all-round watch for many men. The collection also includes beautiful and elegant models such as the Colt and Galactic, often preferred by women who want the distinctive Breitling look with a feminine touch. Finally, Breitling also makes some of the world's most advanced electronic watches, including Aerospace and Emergency.

Breitling's designers are often a little more daring with their new models than the closest competitors and that is precisely why the step ahead makes the brand a market leader.

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