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ertinas history dating back to 1888 and is one of the longest existing watch brands in Switzerland. The company was founded by Adolf and Alfred Kurth in Grenchen, and was founded as Kurth Frères SA. The company started as a supplier of clock and watch movements for other watch brands.

In 1906 the company changed its name to the Grana (the Latin word for Grenchen) and made his first watch, which they themselves had been responsible for the entire production.

In 1938, at the company's 50th birthday, amended so that the name from the Grana to the certina brand. The primary reason for navneænd the ring was that the company wanted to reach beyond the Swiss borders, and here was the name certina brand easier to pronounce.

In 1948, the year, the company's 60th birthday, and opened to the first business, which was not in Switzerland.

With its relationships with a variety of sports, not the least of motorsport, has certina brand for many been known for its more rugged watches, not least due to the DS-series (Double Security), which is extremely shock resistant. The DS concept was introduced in the 1950s and was the pioneer of the entire watch industry.

Today, certina brand a versatile range of watches for different purposes, both with the mechanical works of high quality and quartz-works, there is thermokompenserede. This means that the electronics evens out the differences in the frequency, which, otherwise, will be dependent on the quartz krystallets temperature.

Certina brand was in 1983, was acquired by the Swatch group and is still a part of it.

Shared for the entire program is that there is talk about kvalitetsure at very reasonable prices - one of the best market price/quality.

Certina knap Hvelplund

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