Chopard Hvelplund

hopard was founded by Louis-Ulyssse Chopard in 1860 in Sonvillier. Louis-Ulysse quickly gained success with his watches due to their innovation design. Due to this, the company started early to export its watches, since there was high demand on the watches with precision and quality.

Chopard has since 1937 remained in Geneva, where Louis-Ulysses, son of Paul-Louis, joined the enterprise.

Of the world, Chopard famous and loved for its countless variations of watches and jewellery in

"Happy Sport" collection. The innovative and technical achievement, which is located behind the diamonds, free movement and function, is in itself an image of Chopard's unique abilities and position in the watch - and smykkeverdenen.

The special by Chopard is that you both are able to create the most amazing jewellery ideas and able to manufacture its own movements, on the excellent swiss Manufacture show.

In fact, the extensive jewellery collection only really launched in the 1970s, while the company's watch making can date its roots back to its founding in 1860.

It is therefore no coincidence that Chopard fascinates the many who appreciate the obvious unique and particularly beautiful at Chopards production.

Chopard is one of the last family-owned watch companies in Geneva.

Chopard knap Hvelplund

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