IWC Hvelplund

It is not at least the ability to master the simple, classic design to perfection, added a very special care to detail, which have made IWC one of the world's most coveted watches for the true connoisseur of swiss watch.

In the German-speaking canton of Schaffhausen, located in the north-east corner of Switzerland, founded the american-born watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones in 1868, his own clock factory with the ambitious name International Watch Company, in everyday speech, the IWC. The thesis was technically complicated pocket watches, and the customers for the first Jones-calibers was the peak of Europe's royal family, the Russian tsarer, who quickly sensed what the Latin "Probus Scafusia" covered over - namely good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen. Since 1903 is all watches from IWC been engraved with this hallmark as the visible proof of the company's retention of a same set of values.

Today, IWC enjoys admiration and respect from all parts of the watch industry in virtue of their watch makers excellent technical capability, which includes the generation of highly complicated watches with perpetual calendar, moon phase, causing the depth gauge and double chronograph. All of this suppose to mark in a continuous production - and there are not many other watch brands, who can deliver.

Among IWC's classic models, you will find still a reference to the old pocket watch speciality in Portuguese-series, which was developed in response to the Portuguese seafarers special wish in the 1930s on a large wristwatch with unerring precision.

The famous Flieger watches with the distinctive and proven minimalist design that puts the functionality in pride of place, was developed for the German Luftwaffe and enjoy almost kultagtig status among connoisseurs in the power of an understated exterior, which covers sovereign antimagnetiske properties with associated high precision to follow. The series is now extended with the Spitfire series, based on the same works, but with an elegant silver-plated dial, as an inviting and obvious alternative.

In addition to the classic Portofino model, there will exist as long as there is a need for a high quality watch to presentable use.

IWC knap Hvelplund

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