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As one of the swiss watch industries oldest brands have Longines has undergone a great development since its founding in 1832. The construction of the first pocket watches led eventually to the development of accurate aircraft instruments and eventually to the production of ultra-thin watches, such as the Longines is still particularly well known for.

Longines is synonymous with innovation through tradition and the modern collection will appeal particularly to the quality - and cost-conscious value of the swiss watch making.

Longines bestseller for women's Dolce Vita-series, an elegant show makes "life sweet". Particularly attractive is the quadratic models with diamonds, sparkles on the women that wear them. The round Dlle Vita models is a new tempting alternative, and all models are available in multiple sizes and variations. A new shot of the trunk is Evidenza - series, which, with its slightly curved shape draws on the best design traditions from the 1920s and has been a huge success internationally. It is easy to understand the easy, when you consider the model on the nearest team. Just the face of the watch in itself is a piece of jewellery.

In 2011 saw the introduction of the Longines Master Collection retrograde Moon phase. The stunning dial is seen retrograde functions, date, day, seconds, and 24 hours of shows, moon phase and day/night indicator. The movement sitting in the L707 is produced exclusively for Longines.

The classic line is a recurrent feature in the collection, but crowned in particular, of La Grande series, which contains the famous ultra-thin models. It is refined, and beautiful in its own way and justify about anything Longines brand: Elegance is an attitude.

Longines knap Hvelplund

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