Mont Blanc

MontBlanc Hvelplund

It is quite natural to think of writing instruments in a premium car, when you hear the name Montblanc.

In 1997, Montblanc Montre S. A. was founded. Montblanc received, by their participation in the SIHH great attention and recognition of international renowned jewellers.

However, one should prepare for this traditional luksusfirma will soon offer more watches than ever before.

Already in 2008, more than 70% of Montblancs watches with mechanical work, and today is the only dameurene, which is available with quartz movement.

Montblanc has thus entered the "adult" with regard to fine watchmaking, among other things, by means of fine works from the legendary Minerva.

MontBlanc knap Hvelplund

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