Omega Hvelplund

The quality is, of course, in the middle of one of the world's most well-known watch brands. As a trusted tidstager at many international sporting events has Omega since its start in 1848 has been synonymous with its logo Ω, which is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, the symbol of completion and perfection.

The first and so far the only watch on the moon was omega's Speedmaster in 1969. The u.s. space agency Nasa's requirements for a "Moon watch" was determined by the extreme conditions, such as space travel exposes people and the instruments. The requirement was unique. The clock was supposed to function optimally and to demonstrate the ability to resist the effects of zero gravity, strong shock and vibration, magnetism, and not the least violent changes of temperature. It was omega's Speedmaster, which were already in 1965, and to date, the Speedmaster is the only watch that has done all of Nasa's rigorous tests.

At Nasa's ill-fated Apollo 13 mission showed omega's Speedmaster really its worth, when all the other instruments in the space rocket bread together. By means of the clock chronograph could the astronauts with high accuracy to calculate their fuel consumption and thereby reach safely back to earth.

The collection is large and varied, with plenty of models for both women and men. Speedmaster speed and the James Bond watch, the Seamaster, to the water, and diving represents omega's sportskollektion, while the elegant Constellation - like e.g. Gerald Genta stands behind the models is one of the strongest collections for women who want a watch that both are fine for the smykkebrug and practical for everyday life.

For the men's Constellation series expanded with the Double Eagle version that combines the Constellations the model's elegance with the masculine ruggedness. It is all really attractive watches which are worn with style by omega's ambassadors including Pierce Brosnan (aka 007) and supermodel Cindy Crawford.

They Wanted the series is omega's classic watches, which today is expanded with new models equipped with one of the best mechanical works, omega's own inn-house coaxial movement. In virtue of his new patent to Omega with coaxial movement guarantee higher precision than the existing standard on the market. It stands as a true testimony of the omega's never failing effort to achieve perfection, and perfection.

Omega knap Hvelplund

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