Piaget Hvelplund

iaget was founded in 1874 by the then only a 19-year-old Georges Édouard Piaget. The company produced at the time clocks of the highest quality and precision to the largest watch brands.

However, it was only after the younger generation in 1943, Piaget began to produce their own watches. It was in the production of its own watches, to Piaget the name was known and assigned to one of the most influential brands in the watches and jewelry.

In 1959, opened Piaget their first business in Geneva and started Piaget Watch Corporation in New York. Since Piaget only continued to grow and they have opened several accolades in the field of the technical development of watches. Piaget is most recognized for their production of ultra-thin watches, including the famous P9 manually etched ultrathin movement of only 2 mm., introduced in 1957 - the same year as Piaget decided to only produce products of precious metals (gold and platinum).

In the 1960s, Piaget introduced their calibers P12 with a thickness of only 2.3 mm, which was one of the thinnest automatic movements in the world.

Out of Piagets 37 clock movements are 25 ultra slim and of these 14 set records. Piaget provides still to this day to set new records as f.ex. with their Emperador Coussin Automatic Minute Repeater watch, which put a double record in 2013.

Piaget is rare elegance and luxury for the discerning audience.

Piaget is the true and sublime craftsmanship, as they are world famous for. They have set the standard for the manufacture of exceptional watches and jewellery ideas unlike anything else, the industry can produce.

It is extravagant design that amazes the senses and move the limit for our imagination.

It is therefore not without reason that Piaget has been an obvious first choice for an exclusive audience the world over.

Piaget knap Hvelplund 

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