Rado Hvelplund

Rado was founded in 1917 by brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup, under the name of Schlup & Co. S/A. the Company was really good at the time and was at 2. World war one of the biggest urværkproducenter in the world.

In the 1950s they began production of their own watches under the name Rado. In 1957, it was one of their most iconic watches produced, namely, the “Golden Horse” and the following year came the “Green Horse”.

Rado is a unique and futuristic schweizer-design in a class all to himself. Rado uses as one of the few swiss watch brands exclusively scratch-resistant materials such as tungsten and sapphire crystal as well as ultrahårde ceramic materials of the same type, which are used by the aerospace industry.

The unique choice of materials means that the clocks are designed to outperform time itself, and the surrounding Rado with a special charisma, which is unlike all other schweizerure.

The foundation stone for the Rado's success was laid in 1962, when the model DiaStar was launched as the world's first scratch-resistant watch, and since then, the collection has been expanded with elegant models in a characteristic mode of expression, where the centerpiece is the focus of attention.

The clean lines of, "less is more" is the guiding star, and Rado has unmistakably got inspiration from the same sources, which has created the best designers in the Danish designhimmel. This means that many of our latitude has a special interest for Rado.

Most importantly, the technological innovation in materials translated into elegant designs, that caters to both genders in virtue of the special care, the modelling shows for the needs of the unclean shall meet with the individual.

The brilliant occupied the models are favored by the woman who wants a watch as well as a piece of jewelry, while the male models with, for example, technological finesse in the form of multifunction with day, date, alarm, second time zone and chronograph, which is solely operated by the crown, is a sure favourite with the man with a sense for it technical.

Rado knap Hvelplund

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