Victorinox Hvelplund

ictorinox is founded way back in 1884, when the swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded his knivforretning. A few years later paved he way for the company's further development by developing the legendary "Original Swiss Army Knife”.

It is, first and foremost, these products, many of us are familiar with the company. The company has, however, in årernes the years expanded its range with other products, and since 1989 has also made watches. The watches are produced in Switzerland and is today characterized by a versatile collection of watches both for work and leisure and for both sexes.

There is truly kvalitetsure, along the way is going through a very comprehensive control, and which radiate the robustness and quality, as also the knives are known for. At the same time, there is a very reasonable price point for all urenes him.

Victorinox knap Hvelplund

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